Thursday, February 19, 2009


Above all,I want to say that it's really hard for me to get 5000 visiters to my blog as our foreign teacher
required,because another homepage of mine opened for two more years has only got about 3000 clicks,I 've never work for getting more visiters to my homepage,but absolutly I couldn't achieve this goal without a perfect strategy ,it remind me of the famous movie "mission:impossible".

Everyone in our class can easily found that there are many obstacles for us,such as we can't surf the internet in our domitory which make it inconvenient for us to update our blog,and most of our friends and relatives are Chinese who are not used to reading blog in
English,both of them will reduce our visiters .

In all,this assignment is a huge challenge ,and miracle will never appear to those who give up without any effort,so ,don't lose heart everyone!try our best!


  1. my English is poor.
    just do you a favor.

  2. Your Constellation is not Virgo,but Leo.

  3. vivid memoyies came flooding to me ...

  4. I'm blissfully unaware how having a high number of blog views is going to count towards language proficiency, but still all the best in this haha.