Friday, February 27, 2009


2008 has been an unforgetful year for every Chinese,too many things happended in this year out of our anticipation.

At the beginning of 2008,a rare snow disaster happened in southern China,I was one of the victims,because of the paralyzing traffic,I spend more than 5 hours working home through the snow road,which is really a suffering memory.

Misfortunes never come singly,roits which is schemed by someone malicious aimed to split our motherland broke out in Tibet in march,and on April 28th the train collision in east China's Shandong Province killed 66 people and injured another 247 was caused by human error,what's worse , A strong earthquake measured 8 magnitude broke out in Wenchuan county of Sichuan Provice at 2:28 pm On May 12th , the whole China quaked at the same time,areas around Wenchuan are seriously affected and destroyed, which caused a large number of death and a lot people homeless.

Till then bad things hadn't come to an end,the flood in south china in June,baby milkpowder scandal (The milkpowder poisoned with melamine), the financial crisis……just like dark clouds enveloped the sky of China.

It's a relief that there are still something that didn't let us down:we oganized the Olympic Games successfully,shengzhou VII was successfully launched, the realization of Three Direct Links (links of trade,travel and post) between China mainland and Taiwan.

With laughers and tears,we went though 2008 !
As a Chinese,I feel proud that we Chinese nation haven't been defeated by these disasters,I believe the words that our premier wenjiabao said in University of Cambridge:
what a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress!

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