Monday, March 9, 2009

lose of integrity

One more years ago,my friend and I were travelling in shanghai,we spent one night in ktv and the next morning we wanted to have our hair washed and enjoy the new day,so we went into a barber shop and ask for a hair-washing service,we asked how much it cost,they answered us 5 yuan, we both had our hair washed while talking with the staff joyfully,we told them we were travelling in shanghai.When it turns to have our wet hair dried with hair dryer,they asked if we want to have our hair dried in fluffy style and we agreed,after all the service finished,we paid them 10 yuan,but they charged 25 yuan,we were puzzled and asked why,they replied that they dried our hair in fluffy style which is different from ordinary drying,my hair is short which cost 10 yuan and my friend's hair is long so it cost 15 yuan."But why don't you let me know there is additional fee before you do it?"I asked ,they just say you should know,we were so angry and I realized why they treat us like this --we are travellers and they didn't expected us to come next time, also they didn't care what impression we had on their store.Finally we didn't pay them the extra fee because I performanced tough and strongly refused.In my opinion ,it it a behavior of cheat,I hated to be cheated!

I am upset to found that cheating is a common phenomenon near railway station and bus station in China~some dealers cheat those who is just passing by and will not comeback next time ,they take this chance to earn more money and we have to
always be cautious~

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Speech at the University of Cambridge(section)

The title of my speech today is "See China in the Light of Her Development".
My beloved motherland is a country both old and young.
She is old, because she is a big Oriental country with a civilization stretching back several thousand years. With diligence and wisdom, the Chinese nation created a splendid civilization and made significant contributions to the progress of humanity.

She is young, because the People's Republic is just 60 years old, and the country began reform and opening-up only 30 years ago. The Chinese people established the New China after unremitting struggles and ultimately found a development path suited to China's national conditions through painstaking efforts. This is the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Following this path, our ancient civilization has been rejuvenated.
The key element of China's reform and opening-up is to free people's mind and the most fundamental and significant component is institutional innovation. Through economic reform, we have built a socialist market economy, where the market plays a primary role in allocating resources under government macro-regulation. We have carried out political reform, promoted democracy and improved the legal system. People are the masters of the country. We run the country according to law and endeavor to build a socialist country under the rule of law.
The essence of China's reform and opening-up is to put people first and meet their ever growing material and cultural needs through releasing and developing productive forces. It aims to give everyone equal opportunities for all-round development. It aims to protect the democratic rights of the people and promote stability, harmony and prosperity across the land. And it aims to safeguard the dignity and freedom of everyone so that he or she may pursue happiness with ingenuity and hard work.
Over the past three decades, more than 200 million Chinese have been lifted out of poverty, the average life expectancy has increased by 5 years, and the 83 million people with disabilities in China have received special care from the government and the society. All this points to the tremendous efforts China has made to protect human rights. We have introduced free nine-year compulsory education throughout the country, established the cooperative medical system in the rural areas and improved the social safety net. The age-old dream of the Chinese nation is being turned into reality a dream to see the young educated, the sick treated and the old cared for.
I want to quote from a Tang Dynasty poem to describe what is happening in China, "From shore to shore it is wide at high tide, and before fair wind a sail is lifting." The Chinese people are working hard to modernize their country. This is a great practice in a large developing country both ancient and new. The Chinese people, with destiny in their own hands, are full of confidence in their future.
My beloved motherland is a country that stood numerous vicissitudes but never gave up.
Earlier in my career, I worked in northwest China for many years. There, in the boundless desert, grows a rare variety of tree called euphrates poplar. Rooted over 50 meters down the ground, they thrive in hostile environments, defying droughts, sandstorms and salinization. They are known as the "hero tree", because a euphrates poplar can live for a thousand years. Even after it dies, it stands upright for a thousand years, and even after it falls, it stays intact for another thousand years. I like euphrates poplar because they symbolize the resilience of the Chinese nation.
Over the millennia, the Chinese nation has weathered numerous disasters, both natural and man-made, surmounted all kinds of difficulties and challenges, and made her way to where she proudly stands today. The long sufferings have only made her a nation of fortitude and perseverance. The experience of the Chinese nation attests to a truth: what a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress.
I am reminded of the experience that I had in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province after the devastating earthquake there last May. That earthquake shocked the whole world. It flattened Beichuan Middle School and claimed many young lives. But only 10 days after the earthquake, when I went there for the second time, I had before my eyes new classrooms built on debris by local villagers with planks. Once again, the campus echoed with the sound of students reading aloud. I wrote down 4 Chinese characters on the blackboard, meaning "A country will emerge stronger from adversities." I have been to Wenchuan seven times since the earthquake and witnessed countless touching scenes like this. I am deeply moved by the unyielding spirit of my people. This great national spirit is the source of strength which has enabled the Chinese nation to emerge from all the hardships stronger than before.
With hard work over the past half century and more, China has achieved great progress. Its total economic output is now one of the largest in the world. However, we remain a developing country and we are keenly aware of the big gap that we have with the developed countries. There has been no fundamental change in our basic national condition: a big population, weak economic foundation and uneven development. China's per capita GDP ranks behind 100 countries in the world and is only about 1/18 that of Britain. Those of you who have been to China as tourists must have seen the modern cities, but our rural areas are still quite backward.
To basically achieve modernization by the middle of this century, we must accomplish three major tasks: first, achieve industrialization, which Europe has long completed, while keeping abreast of the latest trends of the scientific and technological revolution; second, promote economic growth while ensuring social equity and justice; and third, pursue sustainable development at home while accepting our share of international responsibilities. The journey ahead will be long and arduous, but no amount of difficulty will stop the Chinese people from marching forward. Through persistent efforts, we will reach our goal.
My beloved motherland is a country that values her traditions while opening her arms to the outside world.
The traditional Chinese culture is rich, extensive and profound. Harmony, the supreme value cherished in ancient China, lies at the heart of the Chinese culture. The Book of History, an ancient classic in China for example, advocates amity among people and friendly exchanges among nations.

The Chinese cultural tradition values peace as the most precious. This has nurtured the broad mind of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation is generous and tolerant, just as Mother Earth cares for all living things. She is in constant pursuit of justice, just as the eternal movement of the Universe.

In the 15th century, the famous Chinese navigator Zheng He led seven maritime expeditions to the Western Seas and reached over 30countries. He took with him Chinese tea, silk and porcelain and helped local people fight pirates as he sailed along. He was truly a messenger of love and friendship.

The argument that a big power is bound to seek hegemony does not apply to China. Seeking hegemony goes against China's cultural tradition as well as the will of the Chinese people. China's development harms no one and threatens no one. We shall be a peace-loving country, a country that is eager to learn from and cooperate with others. We are committed to building a harmonious world.
Different countries and nations need to respect, tolerate and learn from each other's culture. Today, 300 million Chinese are learning English and over one million of our young people are studying abroad. The cultures and arts of various parts of the world are featured daily on China's television, radio and print media. Had we not learned from others through exchanges and enriched ourselves by drawing on others' experience, we would not have enjoyed today's prosperity and progress.
In the 21st century, economic globalization and the information network have linked us all together. Different cultures live together and influence each other. No culture can flourish in isolation. How much a country or a nation contributes to the culture of humanity is increasingly determined by her ability to absorb foreign cultures and renew herself. That is why China will remain open and receptive, value her own traditions while drawing on others' successful experience, and achieve economic prosperity and social progress in a civilized and harmonious way.

Friday, February 27, 2009


2008 has been an unforgetful year for every Chinese,too many things happended in this year out of our anticipation.

At the beginning of 2008,a rare snow disaster happened in southern China,I was one of the victims,because of the paralyzing traffic,I spend more than 5 hours working home through the snow road,which is really a suffering memory.

Misfortunes never come singly,roits which is schemed by someone malicious aimed to split our motherland broke out in Tibet in march,and on April 28th the train collision in east China's Shandong Province killed 66 people and injured another 247 was caused by human error,what's worse , A strong earthquake measured 8 magnitude broke out in Wenchuan county of Sichuan Provice at 2:28 pm On May 12th , the whole China quaked at the same time,areas around Wenchuan are seriously affected and destroyed, which caused a large number of death and a lot people homeless.

Till then bad things hadn't come to an end,the flood in south china in June,baby milkpowder scandal (The milkpowder poisoned with melamine), the financial crisis……just like dark clouds enveloped the sky of China.

It's a relief that there are still something that didn't let us down:we oganized the Olympic Games successfully,shengzhou VII was successfully launched, the realization of Three Direct Links (links of trade,travel and post) between China mainland and Taiwan.

With laughers and tears,we went though 2008 !
As a Chinese,I feel proud that we Chinese nation haven't been defeated by these disasters,I believe the words that our premier wenjiabao said in University of Cambridge:
what a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Above all,I want to say that it's really hard for me to get 5000 visiters to my blog as our foreign teacher
required,because another homepage of mine opened for two more years has only got about 3000 clicks,I 've never work for getting more visiters to my homepage,but absolutly I couldn't achieve this goal without a perfect strategy ,it remind me of the famous movie "mission:impossible".

Everyone in our class can easily found that there are many obstacles for us,such as we can't surf the internet in our domitory which make it inconvenient for us to update our blog,and most of our friends and relatives are Chinese who are not used to reading blog in
English,both of them will reduce our visiters .

In all,this assignment is a huge challenge ,and miracle will never appear to those who give up without any effort,so ,don't lose heart everyone!try our best!