Monday, March 9, 2009

lose of integrity

One more years ago,my friend and I were travelling in shanghai,we spent one night in ktv and the next morning we wanted to have our hair washed and enjoy the new day,so we went into a barber shop and ask for a hair-washing service,we asked how much it cost,they answered us 5 yuan, we both had our hair washed while talking with the staff joyfully,we told them we were travelling in shanghai.When it turns to have our wet hair dried with hair dryer,they asked if we want to have our hair dried in fluffy style and we agreed,after all the service finished,we paid them 10 yuan,but they charged 25 yuan,we were puzzled and asked why,they replied that they dried our hair in fluffy style which is different from ordinary drying,my hair is short which cost 10 yuan and my friend's hair is long so it cost 15 yuan."But why don't you let me know there is additional fee before you do it?"I asked ,they just say you should know,we were so angry and I realized why they treat us like this --we are travellers and they didn't expected us to come next time, also they didn't care what impression we had on their store.Finally we didn't pay them the extra fee because I performanced tough and strongly refused.In my opinion ,it it a behavior of cheat,I hated to be cheated!

I am upset to found that cheating is a common phenomenon near railway station and bus station in China~some dealers cheat those who is just passing by and will not comeback next time ,they take this chance to earn more money and we have to
always be cautious~